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Sleep to Dream


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So I have these crazy super realistic dreams. I say am going to try to write them down, but why not blog about it.

So I am in a club and pick up this guy and take him back to my place. Instead of getting down and dirty right away, we watch Leonardo DiCaprio movies. I then proceed to turn to him and ask him what’s his favorite DiCaprio movie. All of a sudden the guy turns in to Leonardo DiCaprio. So I proceed to give him a blow job. (How can you pass up an opportunity at Gilbert’s Grapes) But instead of having one dick, there is two!!! TWO PENISES chunking the deuce towards my mouth.

What the hell kind of dream was that. So here is what I think the dream meant.

1. I felt bad about him not getting an Oscar so he got a blow job.
2. I had a hotdog craving
3. I’m pregnant (not really but don’t all dream books say your pregnant)
4. I just really need to get laid

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So your are not going to believe this shit, I went on a date with a gigolo. Yes, a man of the night (Not Blackula). I like that name Blackula, that will be his name. So I meet Blackula a couple of weeks before at a wedding. he was with a date I assumed was his girlfriend that lived in Los Angeles. Well, when my number was asked for, I thought it was for Blakula plus 1, no it was just for Blackula. Imagine the up roar. Well I was later told by someone from the wedding party that Blackula was a man of the night and his date was a client.

When he text to meet for a drink, I was hesitant because I knew what he did and really what can come out of this. Me date and marry a gigolo and have little gigolo babies, No! Neither was I thinking of sex with him, I have no idea where this man has been yet I still went because I was intrigued by his profession, plus I wanted to see if he would tell me.

I put on my best wig, yes I said wig, and some heels and hit the town to meet this man of the night. He looked very well dressed and had a great smile. I grabbed a glass of wine and began to chit chat with him. As he talked he had the Keanu Reeves surfer sound to his voices that was very annoying to listen too. I thought, that wonder why he is a gigolo, he is stupid. Blackula began to tell me all of the wonderful places he has traveled and seen.

So asked him what he did for a living to let him travel. His answer was, “excuse me, I need to use the restroom.” No this fool did not just avoid the question. As I grabbed my 2nd glass of wine, I was determined to ask him the question again when he came back. When he arrived back to the table be processed to tell me, “I am a man of the night, a male escort.” I was actually shocked or at least acted like it. He told me the ends and the outs of the business which to be honest, I was pretty jealous off. I mean, this man has women pay him thousands of dollars to just go to a damn concert with no intention of sex! Stupid Fucking Women! As he started talking I noticed him trying to lure me in with his blue ocean like eyes. Oh , I know what game you are trying to play and I am gooooooood at them. I don’t know if it was the 4th glass of wine or his knowledge of books and learning that he writes that I began to become attracted to him. So at this point, we are both tipsy playing this eye gazing game with each other like hypnotist. He tried to kiss me and I pulled away, saying that he will not get the pleasure with out my consent. As we closed the tab and prepared to go we hoped on the elevator to go to our cars, I decided to stop at a random floor. Once I done this, I pushed him against a wall and began to kiss him. Ok, I know what your thinking, “why didn’t you kiss him and just let sweat it out till next time.” Listen, this guy us a gigolo, the only good that may come out of this is good, safe, casual sex which  I may be ok with.

My first online date

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I just got back from my first “date” from online dating site. I was really nervous because when I think about meeting people online, I  think about the craigslist killer.   His profile was intriguing but left a lot of whole about who he really is. We will call him Nate. Nate wasn’t no Brad Pit via his pictures, but by his profile, he seemed like he would be like to get to know him more. Where we meet was extremely dark but the atmosphere and music was very good. As we got to know each other, I kept thinking, this guys is pretty cool, please don’t look like Large Marge when we get to the light. As I ordered my 2nd glass of wine, I was wondering if he would judge my drinking but of course he didn’t. Of course, the nervous Krystal made it to glass 3, 4 and 5. We listed to the band at the bar and talked over pizza. For some reason,  I kept checking out the guitar player. I mean, he was really cute and talented, why isn’t he on my dating site.  Nate walked me and proceeded to tell me about my car and how  he used to work with Ford. At this point it turned into blah blah blah to me. I was completely turned off because I felt he was bragging about all the “commercials” he worked on. Nate wasn’t bad for my first online dating encounter. Not sure If a second date will happen but if not, I was good  first one.

That pain in my chest is not a heart attack

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I always question love. I love my friends and family. I love my cute cat named Clara. I love Lamp, but have I ever LOVED someone till my 30s, possibly may still be in love.  It felt good to tell someone you loved them and to hear it back. But are we together, no. My question is, if two people love each other, why aren’t they together? It makes sense, right? Or are you saying I love you to say it and not mean it? Why the hell do that, just seems mean and stupid. I am actually glad that I was able to feel what love was even if it ended with a broken heart. I now know that it is capable for me to do. Now will this happen again soon, hell to the no, that shit was not fun after the fact. But you never know :p
I found this poem I wrote on maybe circa 2001. Don’t laugh at the poem, remember that I was 18 or younger who thought I loved the guy who let me borrow his pen in class yet I never knew his name. I think 18 me and 31 me has the same felling’s about what love may be.

You may have been affected

By Krystal Nicole Harris

Accelerated heart rate
Loss of breath
Week joints
Severe stomach ache
Ringing in ears
Hallucinations of floating
Chill trough body
Genital or vaginal weirdness
Dryness of mouth
Sweating of palms
and more.
If experiencing any of these symptoms there is no cure.
You have been affected with a virus
A virus called love
Can be 24hr or 24 years
A virus I would love to catch
Yet it seems I am immune from the virus
Though I am experiencing some of these symptoms
My virus is caught early by a broken heart.

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I’m pretty, right?

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I have always been one of the boys, so I guess that’s where my nonchalant mentality to dating has come from or daddy issues, but we can get into another time. After I lost my virginity at 18, I spent most of my time having casual sex with no emotional attachment which is very easy for me. A couple of times I felt that I got caught up with feelings and shit, but as soon as that happens the guy just disappear or become a flake. So after enough time I have just put dating on the back of my head because I don’t want to get hurt.
As for being asked on dates, yeah that don’t happen. Seriously, I do not get asked out! If I do, it’s most likely by someone in their 70s who has a Diana Ross fetish or someone who is 17 who thinks I am in High School. IF I do get a digit exchange its most likely because I initiated first contact. So here is my question and the title of the blog. I’m pretty, Right?!
I have come across couples who completely don’t need to be with each other. Either one of them is unfortunate looking, or guys prefer that drama filled girl who cries at the Lion King! (that shit was pretty sad when the dad dies and stuff)
Guys seem to go for women who look completely fake from toes to nose or act completely fake. An unstable mess who is just filled with drama, a clinging heffa who needs you to contact them everyday or women who hates porn and thinks you drink too much.
Why pass on a down to earth chick who will not rob your wallet, go to strip club with you and can cuss like a sailor. I think these are all attractive qualities.
Anyhow, I have joined online dating to see what come out of that. So here is my journey and stories. Hope you enjoy and don’t get offended. Well if you do get offended then fuck off mate!

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