I’m pretty, right?

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I have always been one of the boys, so I guess that’s where my nonchalant mentality to dating has come from or daddy issues, but we can get into another time. After I lost my virginity at 18, I spent most of my time having casual sex with no emotional attachment which is very easy for me. A couple of times I felt that I got caught up with feelings and shit, but as soon as that happens the guy just disappear or become a flake. So after enough time I have just put dating on the back of my head because I don’t want to get hurt.
As for being asked on dates, yeah that don’t happen. Seriously, I do not get asked out! If I do, it’s most likely by someone in their 70s who has a Diana Ross fetish or someone who is 17 who thinks I am in High School. IF I do get a digit exchange its most likely because I initiated first contact. So here is my question and the title of the blog. I’m pretty, Right?!
I have come across couples who completely don’t need to be with each other. Either one of them is unfortunate looking, or guys prefer that drama filled girl who cries at the Lion King! (that shit was pretty sad when the dad dies and stuff)
Guys seem to go for women who look completely fake from toes to nose or act completely fake. An unstable mess who is just filled with drama, a clinging heffa who needs you to contact them everyday or women who hates porn and thinks you drink too much.
Why pass on a down to earth chick who will not rob your wallet, go to strip club with you and can cuss like a sailor. I think these are all attractive qualities.
Anyhow, I have joined online dating to see what come out of that. So here is my journey and stories. Hope you enjoy and don’t get offended. Well if you do get offended then fuck off mate!

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