My first online date

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I just got back from my first “date” from online dating site. I was really nervous because when I think about meeting people online, I  think about the craigslist killer.   His profile was intriguing but left a lot of whole about who he really is. We will call him Nate. Nate wasn’t no Brad Pit via his pictures, but by his profile, he seemed like he would be like to get to know him more. Where we meet was extremely dark but the atmosphere and music was very good. As we got to know each other, I kept thinking, this guys is pretty cool, please don’t look like Large Marge when we get to the light. As I ordered my 2nd glass of wine, I was wondering if he would judge my drinking but of course he didn’t. Of course, the nervous Krystal made it to glass 3, 4 and 5. We listed to the band at the bar and talked over pizza. For some reason,  I kept checking out the guitar player. I mean, he was really cute and talented, why isn’t he on my dating site.  Nate walked me and proceeded to tell me about my car and how  he used to work with Ford. At this point it turned into blah blah blah to me. I was completely turned off because I felt he was bragging about all the “commercials” he worked on. Nate wasn’t bad for my first online dating encounter. Not sure If a second date will happen but if not, I was good  first one.

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