Sleep to Dream


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So I have these crazy super realistic dreams. I say am going to try to write them down, but why not blog about it.

So I am in a club and pick up this guy and take him back to my place. Instead of getting down and dirty right away, we watch Leonardo DiCaprio movies. I then proceed to turn to him and ask him what’s his favorite DiCaprio movie. All of a sudden the guy turns in to Leonardo DiCaprio. So I proceed to give him a blow job. (How can you pass up an opportunity at Gilbert’s Grapes) But instead of having one dick, there is two!!! TWO PENISES chunking the deuce towards my mouth.

What the hell kind of dream was that. So here is what I think the dream meant.

1. I felt bad about him not getting an Oscar so he got a blow job.
2. I had a hotdog craving
3. I’m pregnant (not really but don’t all dream books say your pregnant)
4. I just really need to get laid

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2 thoughts on “Sleep to Dream

  1. J says:

    Reading this while sitting in a lecture about casino marketing was not the best idea.
    Choked on my water and started to cough so bad had to get up and step out!!!! 2 penises chucking the deuce

  2. Sorry about that J šŸ™‚

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