Fender Bender: 2nd online date




That is what the name should have been.

First lets point out the obvious for this post.

He DID NOT look like his pictures. He wasn’t horrible looking, but if he feels he has to use a picture of WHEN he had hair 5 years ago then that’s a big hell to the no.

I will say that I was about 2 hours late to this date because of the time change and because I was completely hung over.
It was good that I was 2 hours because that is how long it took him to get a table at the brunch spot. So technically I arrived just on time.

I will admit that I may have thrown this play because I was not attracted to him, so the first thing I ask for was a mimosa!

He wore a trucker hat, a red hot chilli peppers shirt and a necklace with a big ass guitar on it. I then realized his profile had fender in it so I automatically knew where this conversation was going. And I was right. The guy spoke to me as if he was on some sort of audition. Running is resume of “talent” he worked with.
Then he grabbed his phone like it rang or something, and said, “oh that’s the guitar player from – – – , I will get back with him.”

The only good thing that I can say was pleasant was the fact that he teaches kids music and the eggs benedict.

As we parted, this fool handed me his business card which was a picture of him holding a bass guitar and a shitty grin.

Ummmm NEXT!…………



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