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The wine is talking


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Tonight I am blogging about random shit because I have had half a bottle of wine and watched Don Jon. Now watching Don Jon, you wouldn’t think that it will make you feel some type away except horny. I mean, Joseph Gordon – Levitt with muscles and no shirt, Scarlett Johansson’s ass and pretty much all the porn from But once you get pass that the end is what gets you. If you haven’t seen the movie well SPOILER ALERT. He finds having sex while having an actual connection is the best sex ever. Not really love, but getting lost. Anyone can tell you that, my friend K can tell you that, in fact that is all she tells me. I have had plenty of meaningless sex, which I do not mind but having sex with someone who you have some sort of connection with, very much, is something different.
Since I have finally, at 30, have sex with some sort of emotional connection can I go back to meaningless sex?

When will these feelings pass?

Riddle me this bitches….