3rds A Charmbraclet?

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So far 2 dates in and they have been ok. No sparks have flown, but I will say, I have gotten a decent mimosa and a nice pizza.

So is the 3rd date a charm?

Our online banter was getting good. Little jabs at one another, with cute compliments. It was about time I meet this person one on one. So I asked him out on a date. Yes, that is right, I asked if he would like to meet.

He was surprised that I was asking since I guess it is not common for women to make the first move, but I am not trying to build a 1990’s AOL chat relationship. (You got mail reference)

We met at a very cute little restaurant on Melrose. You know, one of those that seats 15, cost $100 and there is only valet parking like all of LA.

As I walked in, I honestly didn’t know who or what I was looking for. I mean, it was a little dim and some of these online guys don’t look quite like their pictures. The hostess asked who was I meeting, I replied, “I have no idea.” I begin to completely express how this was some sort of online date which is kind of a blind date which could be the Craigslist killer.  To sum it up, the hostess thought I was crazy.

I found a table with a gentleman sitting by himself so I proceeded to him. He stood up, “Hi I am _______, nice to meet you.” My mind replied, “Hi I am Krystal, can we make babies.”  This man was HANDSOME! He was tall and good-looking. Had that older but not too old Sears catalog look.

He was a handsome jewelry maker, a decent one at that, who loved animals, like wine and like to curse, my kinda guy.

We discussed usual date things, such as why we were single, why we were looking and why are we are”ready” to settle down.

He was just saying everything I wanted to hear and he didn’t call me out when I ordered glass #3 of wine. As we continued to admire one another over the dim shitty candle on the table, I began to feel a little unstable, like some sort of vertigo.  Was I already drunk, Shit SHIT SHIT Krystal get it together!.

Well good news, I was not drunk already!!!! Odd news, there was an earthquake, well 2 earthquakes.

For those of you who do not live in a city with active fault lines, let me tell you, earthquakes are shitty. They are shittier when you are buzzed.

After all of the fuss over the earthquakes, we closed the tab and I drove him to his car (he was smart enough not to valet). As we set in my car, you can tell, there was some sort of chemistry there. I haven’t felt this kind of chemistry since_____________. We leaned in slowly and begin kissing. You know that other chemistry ladies? OH YOU KNOW! Well that was there too, I mean HOT DAMN this was getting good. After we cooled down a sec from acting like some teenagers we said good night and parted ways.

Now that was a good date.
Stay tuned.








2 thoughts on “3rds A Charmbraclet?

  1. Loodiddles says:

    I’m not sure if this is still going well for you. Your post was from a few weeks ago. I hope this is still going well. It sounded like even mother nature was throwing you some good vibes

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