My charm bracelet turned my wrist green

So Mr. Seems wonderful did not work out. How do I know, he never contacted me again. The only sign mother nature was sending was there will be an after shock from this earthquake, hold you glass of wine.

I seem to get that a lot. I go on these dates or meet these men that seem really interested and then don’t bother to follow through.

I really don’t understand. If it all a man wants is sex, then they need to say that. Some women would prefer to just be told straight out that I just want to sleep with you. Don’t wine us and dine us and ask us about ourselves when you really don’t give a shit.

Just be straight forward, “I am sexual attracted to you, do you have any std’s?.” Boom that simple.

To be honest, I made no effort to contact him after the date because I felt that if he was really interested he could contact me. Is this a stupid mindset, maybe. Did it work for me. No.


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