Fa la la la la, I got some dick! 


Yes you read that right! I have created a new holiday, well new for me. It is called Dicksmas. Just like Christmas you wait all year being such a good little boy or girl for that big ass dude to come and deliver you presents making you the happiest person in the world. This my friends was me and my present was getting some! Man do I feel more relaxed and calm.

Some things that guys do not know about women is that some of us get into our sexual prime in our 30’s and me being thirty-something, well………  I am at the peak of the mountain yelling really obscene things while doing pelvic thrust. Just call me that perv on the mountain top.

So go out and celebrate this glorious holiday called Dickmas, because I sure will. I hope I can celebrate more than once a year like our Jewish friends.

Change every Christmas Song to Dicksmas and enjoy 🙂

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