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That pain in my chest is not a heart attack

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I always question love. I love my friends and family. I love my cute cat named Clara. I love Lamp, but have I ever LOVED someone till my 30s, possibly may still be in love.  It felt good to tell someone you loved them and to hear it back. But are we together, no. My question is, if two people love each other, why aren’t they together? It makes sense, right? Or are you saying I love you to say it and not mean it? Why the hell do that, just seems mean and stupid. I am actually glad that I was able to feel what love was even if it ended with a broken heart. I now know that it is capable for me to do. Now will this happen again soon, hell to the no, that shit was not fun after the fact. But you never know :p
I found this poem I wrote on poetry.com maybe circa 2001. Don’t laugh at the poem, remember that I was 18 or younger who thought I loved the guy who let me borrow his pen in class yet I never knew his name. I think 18 me and 31 me has the same felling’s about what love may be.

You may have been affected

By Krystal Nicole Harris

Accelerated heart rate
Loss of breath
Week joints
Severe stomach ache
Ringing in ears
Hallucinations of floating
Chill trough body
Genital or vaginal weirdness
Dryness of mouth
Sweating of palms
and more.
If experiencing any of these symptoms there is no cure.
You have been affected with a virus
A virus called love
Can be 24hr or 24 years
A virus I would love to catch
Yet it seems I am immune from the virus
Though I am experiencing some of these symptoms
My virus is caught early by a broken heart.

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